• Certified tantric bodyworker C.H.A.I.I. (specially studied subject: Sex addiction), 2015.

  • Certified yonimapper and vaginal therapist, C.H.A.I.I., 2017

  • Assistant on 4 tantric bodywork educations

  • Assistant on yonimapping education 2018

  • Certified cuddler from the Professional Cuddling Institute, 2016

  • Workshop bodywork teacher at the School of Lovemaking (Elskovsskolen) in collaboration with Lucy Vittrup.

  • 10 years of experience with 12-step programs

  • 15 years of experience in nutritional health adjustments

  • 27 years of experience with general self development

"My specific interest within bodywork is towards the more therapeutic bodywork, including body awareness, boundary and sensitivity work and physical communication. If you are looking for more than merely a wellness treatment, my bodywork is probably a good choice for you. Apart from my 3 different alternative bodywork educations, I have taken several years of different therapy myself. Furthermore I have a Master of translation and interpretation (Spanish) from CBS, 2004 and a private singer education from Complete Vocal Institute 2006."
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Opening hours: weekdays and Saturday 11-8 pm. Please read the ethical rules before calling or booking. 

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Mayanoa offers:

Tantric Bodywork
Dynamic Massage
Sensitivity and Boundary Training
Introductory Session (optional)
Skype Session
Healing Massage
4-hands Tantric Bodywork
Couples, Tantric Bodywork
Couples, Lessons & Teaching

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