4-hands Tantric Bodywork

At Copenhagen Tantra, you can receive 4-hand massage by either 2 women, a man and a woman, or 2 men. This session is the ultimate gift to yourself, and is especially suitable for you, if you have problems letting go of control, when being on the receiving end. You might normally find it difficult to relinquish control when receiving a massage and find it hard to “move from your head to your body”. A 4-hands massage with 2 bodyworkers will help you let go of your inner “control freak” and give up keeping track of which bodyworker touches you where. This will strengthen your ability to give in and just be and feel your body here and now. If you hunger for touch and can never get enough when receiving a massage, this type of treatment is also very suitable, since you will always have hands on your body. The structure of a 4-hands massage is like the classical tantra massage and can also include genitals massage. During the genitals massage, bodyworker no. 2 will give other parts of the body attention, e.g. feet, head, arms or chest. The duration of this session is 2 or 3 hours, but we always recommend 3 hours if it is the first time you receive a treatment at Copenhagen Tantra.