Cuddling is non-sexual physical touch, with or without verbal communication. The cuddler will guide you and set the framework for the session, while matching your boundaries and needs for touch. This session is also specifically tailored to your unique, specific needs. We recommend that you consider what the exact output of the session should be, both physically and mentally, this will give you an even better session. During the session, we invite you to be true and honest about your boundaries and needs. The cuddler will set the framework for the session, respecting the ethical guidelines.

Advantages of a Cuddling session:

  • Physical and mental health

  • Higher levels of oxytocin

  • Increased sensation of well-being

  • Calmness

  • Strengthened trust, empathy and generosity

  • Increased ability to concentrate and focus

  • Increased ability to collaborate and communicate

  • Feeling safe

  • Decreased levels of stress, anxiety and risk of depression

  • Increased ability to give and receive intimacy and presence

The duration of a Cuddling session is 1 hour, including a brief conversation in the beginning, the cuddling on mattresses and a brief closing conversation.

Cuddling is:

  • Non-sexual, fully dressed, conscious touch and presence, standing, sitting and lying.

  • Specific training of your sensuality, presence and intimacy within a safe setting.

  • Taking place on an island of mattresses

  • 100 percent respect for your boundaries and needs

  • A clear division of roles between the cuddler and client, giver and receiver.

  • Concrete training in communication of boundaries and needs

  • Touch that increases health conditions

Cuddling is not:

  • Treatment or body therapy

  • Massage

  • Talk therapy

  • A romantic or sexual meeting


The duration of a cuddling session is 60 minutes and costs 780 DKK.

Radio Interview

The Danish radio station “Radio 24/7” interviewed us about cuddling and the future labour-market. Listen to a summary here.

Listen to the entire programme here (Approx. at the 11th minute of the programme.)

Ethical principles

1 There is no sexual contact between the cuddler and the client. By sexual contact we mean intentional sexual touch of genitals or breasts with hands or other body parts, movements of hips while genitals are pressed against the cuddler, kisses, or any suggestions of sexual activities.

2 We only engage in professional communication between the client and the cuddler.

3 We are fully dressed during the entire cuddling session. If either the cuddler or the client needs to change his or her clothing, this takes place in a separate room.

4 Our senses are fully awake during the cuddling session. The cuddler will make sure, that a cuddling session does not take place, in case the client is under the influence of drugs or alcohol. The cuddler has the right to postpone the session to another day, in case she or he considers, that the client, for whatever reason, is not in a suitable state to participate in the session.

5 The cuddler has the right to stop the session if the ethical guidelines are not respected.

6 In the case of a session being discontinued, the cuddler and the client will finish any unsolved business from the session outside of the room.

7 We do not refund payment for a cuddling session if the client has not respected the ethical guidelines. Clients, who do not comply with these guidelines will be blacklisted in our booking system. Sexual harassment or assault will be reported to the police authorities.

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