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Yoni Mapping

Yoni mapping is also called vaginal mapping, vaginal therapy, pelvic floor massage, or abdomen massage. All sessions are tailored to your specific needs and boundaries, depending on your level of trust and security with your bodyworker. A yonimapping typically consists of 4 elements, which we can adapt to fit your needs.

  • Intake or initial conversation about you and about the YM-methods.

  • Relaxation, bioenergetic exercises or breathwork

  • Vaginal mapping and bodywork.

  • Outtake or final conversation.

The actual mapping and bodywork takes place on a massage table, and you decide whether you want to undress completely or partially, and you can change your mind as many times as you need during the session. The mapping includes different types of strokes, acupressure, visualisation, soft de-armouring, healing, breathwork, relaxation and exercises. Some types of touch can happen even though you are not undressed. The actual mapping can also include touch of the outside of the yoni and/or the inside of your yoni, following our level of safety in the session. The method and attitude we invite you to bring to the session is that of being curious, exploring and opening of your senses. Everything that may emerge in a session with physical, emotional or psychological subjects is welcome in the room. In a yonimapping we explore and “map” your yoni in an atmosphere of presence, respect, and slowness to give you time to get to know your yoni better at your own pace. When the surroundings of the session feel sufficiently safe, you might experience that you can expand your potential for pleasure and open up for completely new bodily sensations and increase your body awareness and contact.

Yonimapping or vaginal mapping is by many considered a therapeutic tool, and is a treatment used for you to come in closer contact with your own body signals. The intention is to create a safe space, where you can gently release trauma, shame or other blockages and transform these to new insights and wisdom. Women come for a number of different reasons to receive a yonimapping session. In the pain group, a woman might experience aches, excessive or collapsed muscle tonus, trauma, sexual abuse, incest, reduced or extreme sensitivity, birth complications or sexual harassment or assault, decreased sexual desire and women’s diseases, and other conditions in the body what might cause pain, e.g. fibromyalgia. In the pleasure group, you might want to explore your yoni being curious about opening up for more pleasure in your body, become more orgasmic or open your body up to other new types of orgasms other than the traditional clitoris orgasm. Maybe you want to get to know our yoni better, increase sensitivity in the outer or inner yoni, g-zone or cervix.

At Copenhagen Tantra, we are some of the first certified C.H.A.I.I. somatic integral sexologists in Denmark offering yonimapping. The method has been developed by Diana Diakova and originates from both tantric traditions and sexological bodywork with elements of de-armouring.

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