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Classical Tantra Massage

A classical tantra massage is a full body massage, which is ideal for you if you are new to the world of tantra, but also for more experienced receivers, and people who want to go deeper into the tantric bodywork. This tantric bodywork session will strengthen your sensuality and your potential for pleasure through the awareness of the touch and stimuli that opens your body. Together with your bodyworker, we will explore how to reach the perfect balance between, on the one hand, feeling safe and confident, and on the other hand, feeling excited and curious? During the massage we use a combination of many different types of touch. Long conscious strokes, deep pressure and acupressure and gentle light, feather-like touch with and without oil. You will have time to feel what the different types of touch do to your body, reaching a state of deep relaxation, giving in to the feeling of comfort without being bored. Genitals massage (yoni or lingam massage) is part of this treatment, is of a non-sexual character and can be both vitalizing and sensual. (Read more about genitals massage).

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