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What is Tantric Bodywork?

Tantric bodywork at Copenhagen Tantra is professional body therapy and massage inspired by tantra, taking place on a massage table. During a session of tantric bodywork, you have the opportunity to create an intense dialogue with your body. We create time and space for you to discover your body’s feelings, senses, movements, impulses, sounds, sensations and energies. During the session, we will introduce you to many different types of touch, strengthening your sensuality and sensations regarding your needs right now and right here. Tantric bodywork is a unique type of treatment, as it involves all aspects of being human. It is especially suitable for working with intimacy, sexuality, relationships and body awareness. The session is always tailored to you and your unique situation. We always begin with a conversation to uncover your intention with the session. Our tantric bodywork includes some tantric rituals and massage forms from different tantric and shamanistic traditions, covering shiatsu, physiotherapy, healing massage and wellness massage. Genitals massage may be included as a natural part of the session if you chose the classical tantra massage. Genitals massage is always your choice, and you can change your mind as many times as you want during the session. A tantric bodywork session is typically 2 or 3 hours, but we always recommend 3 hours if it is the first time you visit us.

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