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Sensitivity and Boundary Training

This is a session for you, who feel a need to feel extra safe. You might be longing to really feel yourself and your needs and boundaries. You tend to not trust your gut feeling and see yourself challenged in giving in to pleasure, and maybe you long to be less in your head and come more into your body. It might be difficult for you to feel and communicate your boundaries and easily override them, or maybe you experience a lack of balance in your body, which might make you hyper sensitive or numb. In both cases, it may result in challenges with sexual desire and orgasms. This training session will increase your awareness of your own sensitivity and boundaries. You will become more authentic and experience a more precise and clear sensation in your body of your needs. You will become aware of the difference between your mind and your body’s signals and become more confident in communicating your “yes”, “no” and “maybe” in a clear and constructive way. We will tailor the session to your unique situation, and the SB training will always start with a conversation or intake, followed by SB exercises and the actual bodywork, where you can practise the specific tools. Our priority number one is to create a safe and secure atmosphere, aimed at respecting and possibly expanding boundaries without ever crossing them. Expanding your boundaries can be an amazing experience, giving you insight and new discoveries about yourself. To exceed or cross your boundaries will most often shut down your body contact. This specific bodywork is developed by Martin Heese and Diana Diakova from C.H.A.I.I. After thousands of client meetings, they came to the conclusion, that some clients needed to work with their needs and boundaries in a more concentrated way, before benefitting from the classical tantric bodywork.

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