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About me

My name is Anita and I'm 56 years old.

I am a gentle, sensual and passionate woman.  

My journey in life has been both rough and blessed.  

I have always been very passionate about people. Nature. Body wisdom.

Traveling. Love and connection. 

When I encountered tantra 30 years ago, it ressonated so deeply in me.

Felt so healing to embody my sensuality. Exploring ways to be more present. Reading about sacred passionate sexuality. Daring to open my heart more. 

when I finally found a school with solid ethics and a deep professional attitude, I jumped in with both feet and educated myself. 

I grew from being a very shy woman to finding my voice and power. Healing old wounds and traumas, layer by layer.   Grew from low self-esteem to honoring my worth as a feminine, beautyful wise woman.  I changed from being a pleaser and codependent in my relationships. To discovering how amazing it feels to be in an authentic relationsship.  And I am still discovering new depth. Currently studying a unique form of trauma-therapy based on body wisdom. 

I am an experienced tantra teacher, tantric body therapist, yonimapper/vaginal therapist  and somatic sexologist. 

Educated in C.H.A.I., a danish tantra school, respected for its high educational standard and ethics. 

I draw from 30 years of personal experience with personal development, healing, shamanisme, liberating dance therapy, meditation and energy work. 

Contact Anita

You are always wellcome to call or write me for any questions or booking requests you might have. I am looking very much forward to hearing from you. 

With love, Anita




+45 5337 3333

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I have made Tantra my work. And my way of Life. 


It is such an honor to hold space for my clients connection to deeper levels of their own inner bodily wisdom and ressources. Finding ways to embody and integrate the newfound in a conscious manner.  

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