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  • 5 years of professional experience as a tantric bodyworker & Yonimapper

  • Certified in Tantric Bodywork from C.H.A.I.I.

  • Certified in Yonimapping & vaginal therapy

  • Assistant at C.H.A.I.I.’s tantric bodywork education and yonimapping education.

  • Tantric bodywork, advanced course

  • +20 years of experience with tantra, healing and personal development.

  • 12 years of experience with shamanism and intuitiv dance. Have been teaching both in Denmark and abroad.

  • The last 3 years I have worked closely together with a gestalt psychotherapist, co-creating personal development courses, couple workshops, couple trainings etc. Clearly the inspiration from the gestalt therapy have given me many insights and tools that have given my 1.1 sessions a new depth.  


For women:

I have specialized in giving 1:1 tantric bodywork sessions for women.

Our body will allways try to create balance and heale.

But until we feel safe enough to surrender to our natural impulses, we suppress or push ourselves, creating separation between who we try to be and who we really are. 

The body work sessions I offer are about coming home to who you really are. 

By listening to your bodys wisdom. And by learning to consciously choose a self empowering presence rather than negative self beliefs. 

This healing work is something we are going to do together. 
If I would try to fix your symptoms they will reoccur because they are rooted in your negative self beliefs. 

So instead we are going to work together as a team. I provide and important part to play.

Its your body, your obstacles and your inner wisdom. 
I am providing a safe and loving frame, my proffessional expertise, my lifewisdom and my presence in order to support you the best I can.

But its our teamwork, the curiosity, the listening in and finding new openings into the depth of your . 

Beyond shame, guilt, unworthiness, fear, 

Whether you come to me with tensions, fear, shame, depression, stress, pleaser mentality, 

So my aim is to support you in listening in, allowing you to be you- so that wholeness can happen from within. 

We all carry a load of unconscious beliefs about ourselves that aren't even true.

They show as shame, guilt, fear, suppressing our natural expression, pushing ourselves to perform etc. 

I will support you in letting go of 

What I aim to create is a safe and warmhearted room for you to reconnect with your bodys wisdom and energy, your inner voice, passion, vulnerability and power - so that you can life your life more fully. 

Your session starts with a thorough conversation, to clarify why you are here and what you long for to change in your life. 

You will learn some basic tantric tools that will support you in getting more out of the bodywork.

, so you can life more whreason why we are not surrendering to the natural body movement and expressiolife we have learned to hold back on certain feelings, learned to suppress our natural expression, shame, judge, push. . So my sessions are about listening 

My clients describe their experience as a surprisingly safe, warm, energetically opening, exciting, empowering and healing experience."

For couples: 
 and group workshops for couples in the art of tantric massage, conscious touch, authentic relating, presence, therapeutic healing of sexual challenges, healthy boundaries etc. 
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You can reach me by text message or phone at +45 5337 3333 or by email at

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Anita offers

(Women only)

Tantric Bodywork
Dynamic Massage
Sensitivity and Boundary Training
Skype Session
Healing Massage
Breathwork Therapy
4-hands Tantric Bodywork
Couples, Tantric Bodywork

Introductory Session (optional)

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