• Certified tantric bodyworker from C.H.A.I.I. (final exam spring 2018)

  • Certified yonimapper & vaginal therapist, 2017

  • Assistant at C.H.A.I.I.’s tantric bodywork education and yonimapping education.

  • Tantric bodywork, advanced course 2017.

  • 20 years of experience with tantra, healing and personal development.

  • 12 years of experience with shamanism and intuitiv dance. Have been teaching both in Denmark and abroad.


"I have specialized in bodywork for women. I am especially interested in giving a series of developing treatments for women, yonimapping, body therapy, healing, boundary and sensitivity training and breathwork. My clients describe their experience as a surprisingly safe, warm, energetically opening, exciting, empowering and healing experience."

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Tantric Bodywork
Dynamic Massage
Sensitivity and Boundary Training
Skype Session
Healing Massage
Breathwork Therapy
4-hands Tantric Bodywork
Couples, Tantric Bodywork

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