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Our Tantric bodywork can train your ability to feel your body’s wisdom and become more conscious about your sexual energy’s potential. You can train your ability to master your sexual energy, strengthen the intensity of orgasms, feel and communicate boundaries and needs, discover reasons for lack of sexual energy, take a closer look at any sex addiction and finally, tap into your relationship with your genitals. 

  • What can tantric bodywork do for me?

  • What can I learn from tantra?

  • Can’t you ever have wild, hard, rough sex in tantra?

  • Can you never experience an orgasm in tantric sex?

  • What is a cervix orgasm?

  • What if I can’t feel pleasure or can’t have an erection?

  • How many types of orgasms are there?

  • Is tantra just an advanced hand job?

  • Do I have to be naked, and can I decide where I want to be touched?

  • Can you help me with pain, lack of desire or premature ejaculation?

  • What about too much desire, fantasies and a person that just likes normal vanilla sex? 

  • Do you want to expand your sexual repertoire?

  • Are you a frequent porn user?

You might know a range of tips and tricks from porn. In tantra we go in the opposite direction, you might say, - towards another “extreme”. Tantra is about authentic presence, sensual pleasure, being natural, unique, intuitive, both in life and between the sheets. You might say that tantra is a tool box, which can give you the opportunity to obtain the black belt in the art of touch.

What can I get out of Tantric Bodywork?
A stronger connection between your heart and your genitals, development, challenges and new insights with lots of space for you and your sexuality. At Copenhagen Tantra, you are a co-creator of your session, and we invite you to invest yourself on the massage table.
Whatever comes up, whether it is desire, aversion, vulnerability, power, joy or anger, everything is welcomed in this space. We will train you to better listen to your body and to be true to your boundaries and needs, so that you can expand your boundaries without crossing them.
Our sessions are specifically tailored to you and your needs, and you can expect an increased body awareness and more joy in your body and sexuality. 

Are you curious about:  

  • practising slowness

  • giving space for sensitivity

  • “the perfect touch” or “the sweet spot”

  • ecstasy

  • 7 different types of orgasms

  • high quality sex

  • circulating sexual energy in the body

  • self-support and self-love

  • personal development, in life and between the sheets

  • sensuality versus numbness

  • authentic presence versus fantasy

then tantra might be the right path for you. 


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