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Unfortunately the word Tantra has been misused and is misunderstood by many, because in many countries it is camouflaged marketing for sexual services. We want to clarify that COPENHAGEN TANTRA does NOT offer any form of sexual services.

Tantra is a wisdom of life and a spiritual philosophy regarding presence, innerliness, connection, naturalness and authenticity.


All COPENHAGEN TANTRA's activities exclusively have therapeutic and healing-oriented aims.

Ethical Rules & Guidelines

1. Integrity
Tantric bodyworkers, teachers and trainees are aware of the influence and power they have within a bodywork healing relationship with a client. They will never exploit these given influence and power for sexual or other purposes. A tantric bodyworker always keeps her/his professionalism, presence and boundaries during the whole healing course. She/he will never initiate any session with a client under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

2. Boundaries
The Bodyworker always respects and acknowledges the client’s boundaries. She/he never gets involved in any sexual or romantic relationship with a client, neither during a tantric bodywork session/healing course, nor within the next 12 months after finishing the bodywork healing relationship. Clients younger than 18 years of age might be able to receive bodywork sessions adapted to their age (conversations/interviews, coaching and ordinary massages, which always exclude any touch of intimate body parts). For this, a previous explicit information and consent of their parents/custody of age is compulsory.

3. Confidentiality Agreement
The bodyworker is compelled to keep a 100% confidentiality on the information shared during session (Danish Penal Code “straffeloven” §152). She/he will never, under any circumstances, give information about clients to a third party, unless the client gives an explicit written permission for a specific purpose and previous exchange with the client about the content of such information.

Any notes taken by the bodyworker are for process oriented, educational (reports) and quality purposes (inter-/supervision). Any information contained in reports, or shared at inter-/supervisions, remain anonymous and also underlay this agreement (The only exception is the Information and Consent Form signed by the client at the beginning of the session).

4. Touch
The bodyworker asks the client for permission to touch and stops at any moment upon the client’s request. The touch remains a one-way touch from the bodyworker to the client. During the session, quality oil might be used if necessary and agreed and sessions take place on a suitable massage table. If the bodywork session includes the touch of genitals, the bodyworker will always use lubrication and medical gloves. The bodywork does not include body-to-body touch.

5. Clothing
The bodyworker never undresses completely during the session or course.

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