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At Copenhagen Tantra we apply some very specific ethical rules and we have all taken a long thorough tantric bodywork education in Denmark. Bodywork is always given on a massage table and the bodyworker never engages in any sexual exchange.

For us, ethics and integrity are very important, especially in connection with bodywork, which includes touching of intimate body parts.


Read our ethical rules and guidelines

Professional Tantric Bodywork

All sessions are designed and tailored to the specific boundaries and needs of the client. We give the therapeutic aspect in our sessions higher priority than giving you a wellness experience.
Your body, sexuality and your development is of the highest priority to us, and many clients chose to continue with a series of sessions.
We are among the first somatic sexologists in Denmark, offering yonimapping sessions. Yonimapping is also called vaginal mapping or vaginal therapy.  

Our Premises

Copenhagen Clinic is located : Tagensvej 85c, 2200 Copenhagen N. Entrance via Yogaskolen.

Borup Clinic is located 50 min from Cph: Engdraget 11, 4140 Borup 


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Tantric Bodywork
Sensitivity and Boundary Training
Skype Session



Private tantra teaching for couple
Couple therapy w/gestalt psychotherapist

Couple development process

Couple workshop, full day

KÆRLIGHEDSREJSEN (teachings in danish)
Skype Session 

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