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“Take care of your body.

It is the only place you have to live”

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Tantramassage København

The Journey of LOVE
- for couples

The love journey is a one-week stay in Italy for you who love one-another and want to explore and deepen your love, and at the same time deal with the old patterns that sometimes disturb the contact between you.

We have developed a wildly exciting concept:

A combination of Tantra Immersion, Gestaltic Couple Development and a unique Romantic holiday!

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About Copenhagen Tantra

Anita offers highly safe, professional and ethical Tantra

for your inner healing, exploration & growth.  

For Women: 

Anita offers 3 types of healing tantric body therapy :

Tantric Bodytherapy, Yonimapping and

Boundary & Sensitivity Training.


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For Couples

Anita offers Private Tantra lessons for couples.  

And as something NEW, the couple week in English

The Journey of LOVE

-A 7 days couple journey in Italy, with equal parts of tantra couple lessons, couple delopment and romantic holiday. 

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Anita is an experienced tantra teacher, tantric bodyworker, Yonimapper/ Vagina-therapist and somatic sexologist.

She is thoroughly educated in Denmark.  

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about Anita

Meet us at EROTIC WORLD Exhibition in COPENHAGEN

this weekend 6-7-8 October 23

Come and see our TANTRA TALKs (in danish)

Fri & Sat at 18 pm: Tantra for Couples

Fri & Sat at 21 pm: Tantra for Women

Sunday at 15 pm : Tantra for Women & Couples


You find our large TANTRA BOOT on the right wall 

at the EXPO in Valbyhallen. 


We are honored to be chosen to represent TANTRA on this huge exhibition. And looking forward to spreading the knowledge of this beautiful path of sexual healing.

We have created a series of special offers for you. 

For more information, please visit

Ethical Rules

For us, ethics and integrity are very important, especially in connection with bodywork, which includes touching of intimate body parts.

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